Your Character Determines Your Success

Your Character Determines Your SuccessWe do not often think of character as having such a direct effect on our successes or failures. But when we consider the individual qualities that together make up a person’s character, we can easily see that it does. Students who struggles with math can often succeed by being diligent to study and work problems every day and by showing endurance when he/she is tired and would like to quit. Magic Johnson, one of basketball’s all-time great players, developed his skills in part by practicing every day as a youth. He demonstrated determination and persistence. Abraham Lincoln became President after repeatedly losing elections for lower offices. His character was such that he would not give up. There are endless examples. How attention to detail has made the difference? How diligence has paid off? How a person’s dependability has put them in line for promotion?There also are many, many negative examples. Richard Nixon’s failure to be truthful evenually led to his downfall. O. J. Simpson’s apparent lack of self-control caused extreme problems for him. A student’s lack of diligence led to him not being able to complete his course of study. Character Really Does Determine Success.

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