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What is Allites?

What is Allites?It was established on July 2012. Literally Allites is made up of two words all and sites. It is a small scale organisation made by a teenager from Pakistan : Shahzil Rizwan at the age of thirteen. Allites is a blogspot that provides, information on various articles, beautiful photography and the freedom to express yourself on the web.

Allites Photography:

Allites Photography:This Photography Page provides great deal of information along with pictures that are quite comprehensive and are in relation with the Description provided . The photography is done by Shahzil Rizwan the owner of ALLITES and the Blog Author. This page was established on 11TH of September 2012.
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Publishite, Express YourselfThis page PUBLISHITE was made by ALLITES in order to let you express yourself. By using this page you can get your articles published on our blog and gain web traffic. This page gives you the freedom to convey a message to the world by simply sending it to us using the form below. You simply have to fill the form below and type the article or the message you want to be conveyed in the MESSAGE box.
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Provides the best Quotes available on the Web
Quotespot is a page created by ALLITES that provides you quotes present no where on the web. The Poet of these quotes is Shahzil Rizwan and they have been taken from his poetry.
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About the Author: Shahzil RIzwan

About the Author:

This page provides information on the author of the Blog and the President of the Allites organisation. The name of the Author is Shahzil Rizwan who is a teenager from Pakistan.
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Contact Us:

Contact Allites
This page allows you to contact directly to the team of ALLITES. You can ask any question about any event or changes in the blog (allites.blogspot.com). We give you the freedom to give feedback which would be reviewed and worked upon by the team accordingly. You can also report us any dead link if you find or any illegal or unwanted information on the blog. Correcting mistakes of yourself and other can be very helpful, if you find any mistake in our articles please help us correct it by pointing it out. This page also allows you to get your website or a blog certified from ALLITES for free. You will be answered within 48 hours.
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