List of Character Traits.

List of Character Traits.What are the character qualities, or character traits, that make up a person’s character? How can they be built into a persons life? Can they be changed?

If you and I were each to make a list of good “character qualities,” or “character traits,” we would probably both include such words as honesty, integrity, dependability, loyalty, enthusiasm, etc. Of course, there are many others that could be added.

By breaking character down into its basic elements, we are better able to focus on building specific qualities into our lives. As we work on strengthening specific good character qualities, our overall character is improved.

For example, “honesty” really consists of several more basic qualities – truthfulness, dependability, diligence, etc. Therefore, when I work on becoming more honest, I do so by becoming more truthful, more dependable, more diligent, etc.

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