Threat to the Fishes.

The rate at which the fishes are threatened. Threat to the Fishes.
The rate at which the fishes are threatened.
Inland fish farming and marine fishing both are a huge source of income and employment for the people mostly the fishing communities. Now there are two types of people who do fishing. One is subsistence and the other one is commercial. People who fall into the category of the subsistence fishing do not go into the deep seas they just catch some fish with hand woven nets using a wooden boat for their family usage and the one that is left is sold in the market as a source of income. No such pollution is caused by this type of fishing but the Commercial fishing does threaten the fish. The main reason the greed of money takes over and the fishermen catches too many fish with the least concern that they have to reproduce and the reproduction rate already is too low just because the destroying of breeding places and pollution (plastic bags).

Commercial fishing is done by people on a large scale. They catch huge amount of fish by going in the deep seas. They use deep sea trawler that have refrigerator facility and the latest mechanised methods are used. They stay for 5-10 days on the sea. During this time many damages to the marine life is done. Industies and people are also taking steps that cause damage to the fish species. Some of those follow:

  • The ships they use cause noise and vibration killing and disturbing the fish species beneath it.
  • The nets they use catch alot of fish. In that some unwanted specie are caught which are later wasted.
  • Some nets even catch baby fish which seriously disturbs the reproduction of the fish.
  • Oil spillage also causes damage to the fish.
  • Industrial, domestic and agricultural waste which finally comes into the seas also causes damage to fish. (Plastic bags have been the cause to the death of many fishes)
  • Cutting down of mongroves for the construction of building destroy the place where fish lay their eggs. This reduces the rate of reproduction thus leading a specie to become endangered.

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