What is a Duck? A duck is a waterbird in the family Anatidae.......A duck is a waterbird in the family Anatidae. Numerous species are encompassed within this family, including the domesticated ducks, which are descended from wild mallard ducks. Ducks can be found in many regions of the world, in both salt and freshwater environments, and they are a common feature of the barnyard, as well, thanks to their gentle dispositions, tasty eggs, and flavorful flesh. Several features can be used to distinguish ducks from other waterbirds. Ducks have muscular bodies built for diving and dredging, with short legs and webbed feet which allow them to navigate a watery environment. Ducks also have distinctive broad, flat bills, which they use to root through aquatic grasses and mud to snap up various prey along with plant materials. On the water, ducks often look quite graceful, as their bodies are well-adapted to swimming and diving. On land, however, ducks look rather ungainly, thanks to the fact that their legs are set far back on their bodies, causing them to have a waddling gait. Ducks are also capable of flight, except when they are molting, and some duck species make long annual migrations to mate and raise young.

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