What is Torque?

When we apply the force the door turns on its hinges. Thus a turning effect is produced when we try to open the door. Have you ever tried to do so by applying the force near the hinge? In the first case, we are able to open the door with ease. In the second case, we have to apply much more force to cause the same turning effect. What is the reason? This turning effect produced by a force on a rigid body about a point, pivot or fulcrum is called the moment of a force or Torque.

What is Torque?
Torque is the turning effect of the force about the axis of rotation. The moment of force is called Torque. It is Rotational analogous of Force. The rate at which there is a change in angular momentum is also called Torque. It can also be defined as a twist to an object.

Torque = Perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation x Force.
τ = r x F.
= r F sinθ.
r = a distance between the point from which torque is measured to the point where force is applied.
τ is the torque and
F = force applied

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