What is Physics?

What is Physics?
What is Physics? The simple answer to this question is that it is the study of energy and matter that is scientific in nature. Included in such study is the observation and comprehension of the interaction of said energy and matter. The energy involved here usually takes a lot of forms. Said forms include gravity, radiation, electricity, light, motion, etc. On the other hand, the matters that are dealt with by Physics are those ranging from particles to galaxies.

In answering the query what is Physics, it is also necessary to know the different fields or disciplines under it. One of the said fields is Acoustics, which is the study of the sound waves and the sound itself. Astronomy, which deals with the study of the space, is also a discipline of physics. We also have what is called Astrophysics, which deals with the space objects’ physical properties. Atoms and its electron properties are also subjects of study in Physics, specifically Atomic Physics. Biophysics is another discipline under what is Physics. The same deals with the physics in the systems that are living. Another field under the scientific study of energy and mater is Chemical Physics wherein the physics present in systems that are chemical are taken into consideration. We also have what we call Computational Physics that deals with the application of methods that are numerical in solving physical problems. Another discipline would be Cosmology, which deals with the study of the evolution and origin of the whole universe.

There are other disciplines under what is Physics. This include cryophysics, crystallography, electromagnetisms, electronics, fluid dynamics, geophysics, high energy physics, high pressure physics, laser physics, mechanics, weather physics, molecular physics, nanotechnology, nuclear physics, light physics, particle physics, plasma physics, quantum electrodynamics, quantum optics, quantum physics, quantum field theory, relativity, etc.

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